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Sy Ari da Kid



Griotz voiceover: Who is this Griotz Character? He's not even a rapper He's an actor.  I saw him on IG doing monologues and actor stuff. He has no bars. Can I get your autograph?Why are you giving him so much attention? Hey, I need your autograph take a picture with me please

Who are you talking to( You Talking to me, oh me right. Yea you)
Ma let me talk to you(Oh me, Oh me, ok mhm, You Talking to me )
It's time to get paid
Peep how i sway(I know you hear me talking to you)
You know who you're talking to (Who are you talking to, Who are you talking to)
Who are you talking to(Nah who are you talking to, No not you I'm Sorry)
I'm the one with the fame
See how I sway (Oh Really you are huh? Show us!)

Verse 1:
Grew up with a pot to p*ss in
Mama birthed ambition
Knuckle headed, nappy headed
Mama's boy, coco nutty
Like some almond joy
Peep my bars
Not a farce, I involve
Fire breathing demons
When I'm dreaming
Every sequence
Rhyme schemes on my note pad
All Complex; load the mag
Fully loaded, Everyday a struggle
Juggle, more than average
Joes, smoke the bud and hit another level
Want 100 medals, got an ego wanna get an EGOT, moving like a torpedo, call me Carlito, on a palm beach, with my palms Greased
Every arm fleeced, with 100 dimes, yea yea you know the don

(You're still giving him all of the attention)
Who are you talking to(I don't understand it, I don't understand it look at me, look at me!)
Ma let me talk to you(Who is this dude, Who is this dude)
It's time to get paid(He's just an actor, he can't rap. He's not a rapper)
Peep how i sway(uhh, wait, wait!)
You know who you're talking to(uhhh! Yo I'm getting tired of you talking all this mess)
Who are you talking to(Gonna make me hit up my guy)
I'm the one with the fame(Ay yo SyAri! Yerrrrrrrrr Yoo, Yooo!)
See how I sway

Verse 2:
Yea see how I sway
Your bae wanna take me out today
I got a plug that got me these sneakers in March, probably won't be out till may
Me I just say whatever I want when I wanna
Freedom of speech i don't play
He wanna hate while you looking for me in Your state I'm finna buy me an estate
Wait holdup skr skr wait skr
Like I put my feet on the brake
Like Calvin told ace
Go get this n***a some light
I want the key to the safe
A beat with the base
I told your b*t*h I ain't R-kelly
I ain't gonna pee on your face
Running no runner
Go tell Usain bolt
He can't beat me in a race(hahaha)
Yea i catch a play on the scene( woo)
I gotta wait for my team( woo)
My cleaning service sent me two
Cleaning ladies
Your lady ain't even clean ( woo)
You might just say its a dream
Hook on the way like Kareem
I get them calls because I've been to war before
And you know I ain't a marine(uh)
I'm on some fast sh*t hang with me
I'm talking Cassius stay busy
I'm with a bad chick named Mickey
Grits with the catfish they litty
That hoe a catfish she ain't pretty
Too many asses and fake titties
20s tens and I take 50s
Quarters dimes and I take pennys( Yea , Syari)

Who are you talking to(f**k is you talking too, I know you're the best)
Ma let me talk to you( Come here mami mami mamacita)
It's time to get paid( You know what I'm saying ggrrr)
Peep how i sway(You are very good, very good)
You know who you're talking to(You talking to some GOATs right here. You know what I'm saying.)
Who are you talking to(Ya'll haters get outta here, ya'll know what I'm saying)
I'm the one with the fame( hehe, Is it like this, wave my arm? ok!)
Peep how I sway

Sway Sway
Peep How I sway
Sway Sway
Peep How I sway
Sway Sway
Peep How I sway
Sway Sway
Peep how I sway
Swaaaaay swaaaaay
Swaaaaay swaaaaay

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