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The Notorious B.I.G.

"Street Corner Rap Battle"

[Round 1: Biggie Smalls]

Yes it's me, the B.I.G
Competition ripper ever since 13
Used to steal clothes, I was considered a thief
Until I started hustling on Fulton Street
Making loot, knocking boots on the regular
Pass the microphone I'm the perfect competitor
Jewels and all that, my clothes is all that
Chumps steppin' to me, that's where ya took ya fall at
B.I.G. without the burner, that's unheard of
I stay close to mine, like Tina on Turner
Quick to smother, this punk motherf*cker
Undercover, word to mutha, I'm above ya
And I'll love ya, cause you're a sweet b*tch
A crazy crab, ya might make my di*k itch
I flow looser than Luther, words ya get used ta
B.I.G. is a born, trooper
Like ice cream I scoop ya, my music you wanna get loose ta
Stay pimp, and I'm not a booster
So whatcha got to say, this mackin' word is bond
There's no other assumption, I got it goin' on
I'm not conceited, my friends tell me this
Even my mother, be noddin' her head to this
Makes her proud to see her one son get loud
Flip on a sucker, and bow to the crowd
Drink a little Hennessy, smoke a blunt or 2 or 3 or 4
Live in action, guaranteed RAW

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