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The Notorious B.I.G.

"Video Musicbox Freestyle"

[Chris Wallace]
Look in the sky
Wonder why
Most MCs alibis
Won't comply
With my style of rhyme
Or rhyming or rap
It's not a trap
My rhyme just snap --

And we were laughing and laughing, like "You ain't never gonna be on Video Musicbox, man..'

[Chris Wallace]
Mozzle, mozzle
Run around, mozzle and pop
Yeah I put that on pops

We wanted to find a way to get on the map, fast..
So, that birthed The Techniques. Two DJs, and Chris was THE MC

[Chris Wallace]
This is the wail of a tale
Of a male who gotta pay my bills
And I'll nail 'em in to sail the seven seas--

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