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The Notorious B.I.G.

"Jazz & Coffee Pt. 2"

Produced by Rhythmatical
Scratches done by DJ Million Faces

Yo, this jazz and coffee part two, sit back and relax

[Kid Abstrakt]
Yo, snares and kicks that drop ill in the mix/
Never skip, too sick, holding mics with a tight fist/
Yo, daily grind with the coffee breath illest/
Yea, fresh to deaf, yes caught speaking in the present tense/
Beats excellence, imminent, jazz specialist/
Take over your residence with hip hop elements/
Word slangin, beat bangin heat, press repeat/
Can’t compete, kicks on concrete, we don’t retreat/
Roam the city like I’m in the illest coast/
Ya’ll like to boast but i hold it down like the illest host/
Rare forms that i expose through delivery/
Lost a lot but told to consider them a victory/
Gaining knowledge, spread it all for more than cream/
Cash rules but i’m cool with it in caffeine/
Know what i mean, dreams that will soon become relevant/
Kill the loot, but let the beat carry all the evidence/

Hip Hop! x3
Hip hop ya don't stop

[Kid Abstrakt]
For the vibe of the keys we back to basics/
Aimless rearranging the sounds that leave you tasteless/
I’m steady pacin’, like job in all relations/
More than dollars, hip hop scholar, i’m dedicated/
Spend it or invest it? no cash i’m counting blessings/
Made it through the week, no sleep, but still progressing/
Proud of where i’m at but got a long way to go/
I swear the clock is ticking faster but the day is coming slow/
Who knows, a place that i can go to clear my mind/
Need a minute to relax, recline, and i’ll be fine/
I’m local chillin, the donut shop is the usual/
Coffee cup, music up, jazz that is beautiful/
Thoughts flowing’, minds open, got a master plan/
Do it all for the fam forget the problems at hand/
Grab mics and then i aim, maintaining the same frame/
Ya’ll need to know the name, hip hop is flowing through my veins

[Chorus + outro]

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