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The Notorious B.I.G.

"House of Pain"

It's the same murder!
You made out streets into what these people call the 'killing field!'

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
The motherf*ckin' dust kicker, who can you trust?
Do you have the heart to see a n*gga, before you bust?
My name is spoken on the tongues of so many foes
Bustin' motherf*ckers out the box, I ain't even go!
Now how the hell do you explain my claim to fame?
From doin' flicks to bustin' tricks out the f*ckin' frame
Got these b*tches on my jock, n*ggas on my block
Jealous ass suckers got 'em duckin' from my smokin' Glock
And bustin' n*ggas asses is to stay alive
Skinny ass player watchin' bigger motherf*ckers fry
They ask me how I'm livin', I'm a hustler
Buckin' busters 'til they die
Now it's on in the ghetto you ain't heard?
n*ggas got they AKs headin' for the 'burbs
Aimin' at them skin headed b*tches let it rain
Givin' 'em a wet welcome to the house of pain

"When you think -- when you really think about it, the challenge of racial tension in many levels; the level of violence, higher this year than last--"
"Our city is a war zone."

[Verse 2: Stretch]
Yo I'm hunting down this n*gga and he know so he stressin'
He better count his blessings and get ready for this lesson
The Stretch 'bout to teach him when I reach him with the MAC
And lay that ass down on his motherf*cking back, Jack
Slack is something that a n*gga don't take
His mom run the church so I'mma see her at his f*cking wake
Make way, the n*gga paid me the other day
I'm f*cking with my son and the n*gga got somethin' to say
Hey! The n*gga tried to diss, boy he got it twisted
He shoulda watched America's Most, I'm listed
For killing motherf*ckers like him
So I'mma bring him to the House of Pain and kill him with a grin
Flim flam, god DAMN I'm not the one
Before I choke him and smoke him
I'm gonna smack him with my f*ckin' gun
Son, you made your last mistake and I don't know your name
But welcome to the House of Pain

[Interlude 2:]
"In the second such case in recent memory, a Ross woman being charged with murder and the shooting death over the death of her daughter over a crack addict."

[Verse 3: The Notorious B.I.G.]
Huh, the country bud got me chokin'
I'm on a mission to the point that motherf*ckers think I'm smokin'
Yea that sick n*gga Biggie wit the 8-shot fifth
Wit the extra clip for that extra sh*t
Don't you know that a killing is thrilling
All the blood spilling, is all a part of drug dealing
A born gangsta my daddy was a thug
Had a .38 wit the hollow point slug
So when he licked shots
n*ggas dropped quicker than a bootlegger sells his liquor
A little n*gga tried to squeeze .22's in my Reebok shoes
Payin' dues, while kids was on their one's and two's
Now I'm much older, colder, f*ck a holster
Got the MAC-11 swingin' from my shoulder
It's a damn shame I got to put my momma through the strain
I'm livin' in a house of pain

"He reportedly tried to hide behind a parked car and then beg for his life before he was killed."
"A hostage in Brooklyn rather suggests we have--"
"Grant said this morning he was kidnapped and held for ransom and strangled to death."
"They hurt us, humiliated us, took stuff for granted, stole from our--"

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