The Notorious B.I.G.

".eternal // SSNS [edit]"

​[Intro: Joey BadA$$]
Yeah, you know sometimes I think
They don't truly understand me, you know
Cause they don't, yeah, uh

[Bridge: Joey BadA$$]
Can't change the world unless we change ourselves
Die from the sicknesses if we don't seek the health
All eyes be my witness when I speak what's felt
Full house on my hands, the cards I was dealt
Three K's, two A's in AmeriKKKa
I'm just a black spade spawned out the nebula
And everything I do or say today that's worthwhile
Will for sure inspire actions in your first child
I'll begin my verse now

[Verse 1: Joey BadA$$]
Sometimes I speak and I feel like it ain't my words
Like I'm just a vessel channeling inside this universe
I feel my ancestors unrested inside of me
It's like they want me to shoot my chance in changing society
But how do I go about it? Tell me where I start?
My destiny rerouted when I chose to follow heart
You told to follow suit, but tell me what it do for you?
Except weigh you down, now you trapped inside the cubicle
They built for us
The first step into change is to take notice
Realize the real games that they tried to show us
300 plus years of them cold shoulders
Yet 300 million of us still got no focus
Sorry America, but I will not be your soldier
Obama just wasn't enough, I need some more closure
And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over
Let’s face facts 'cause we know what’s the real motives
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