Gang Starr
Intro (HQ, Goo, Panch)
What’s goin’ on, man

N***as is bonded in darkness, man
It’s just that simple, man
You gotta, I mean, you gotta come with the light, man
It’s that time, man, you hear what I’m sayin?

I’m sayin’, I’m sayin’, now that I got a baby
It’s a whole different thing for me
I’m like, this world is mad cr--
It was f**ked up when we was commin’ up
But it’s mad crazy for the babies right now
And it’s like, yo, you got, pssh man, ma** confusion
You got motherf**kin’ rats in a maze and sh*t

Word is life man. But um
All I gotta do is have the mentality to fight mentality, man
F**k tryin’, man. Because, boom
You laid out and be dead, man
On some, on some serious sh*t
Mentally, not on so--, not on a physical level, man

Head up, eyes and ears, the f**k open

Alright then, word is bond, son

[DJ Premier]
And on that note, let’s get back to the program