Gang Starr
Who Got Gunz
[Fat Joe]
Gang Starr
Crack Man, Crack Man, M.O.P
Brooknam, haha come on
Living legends, ya heard me
Make a note of that
Yeah uh yo uh (SHOOOOOU!)

I got seven Mac 11's, about eight .38's
Nine .9's, Mac 10's
Man this sh*t never end
Even if the apple won't spin
I reach in my back pocket and blast you with this twin
N***as yelling out the window, Joe's at it again
But this b*st*rd's got lawyers
Keep him outta the pen
I mean feds wanna knock me just cause I'm c*cky
An arrogant f**k
Wave hi when they watch me
Can't stop me every time official
Better find my residuals or this nine gonna lift you
He was a fine individual what the papers scriptured
Had him on the front page in his graduation pictures
And they probably never hit you if you brought your Glock
Me and my gat like Wilson, we all we got
We walk the scorching blocks with the hawk on c*ck
Even if the old ladies love to call the cops
I got guns

[Lil' Fame]
You got, he got, they got
M dot, O dot, P my n***a we got guns
Big ones, extra large heat
Humongous sh*t that won't fit up under your car seat
Pop in a heart beat
Keep the cannon in my reach
Lay you flat on your back like you was tanning on the beach
We keep them thang thangs full of hollows
And I'm from Christopher b*t*h
Bang with the Wallace
Fitzroy this n***a you ain't loco
You're b***ocks, big boy
Your heart pumps Sunoco
Brownsville deep in my genes
I show you bad boy for real
Keep thinking sh*t is Peaches and Cream
We'll run you down, MO-Ps hunt ya down
Gun ya down, guns sing like Bilal
Raise up c*ck pon my biscuit for my n***a O.G. Headquizkik
We got guns

You got, we got, they got guns
Crazy ill, mad rowdy
I gots it locked
Bringing the noise, bringing the funk, pop the Glock
But only if you feel this sh*t
You got, we got, they got guns
Crazy ill, mad rowdy
I gots it locked
Bringing the noise, bringing the funk
You know that your through, done, finished
Nowadays my priorities ain't based on fun
I'm trying to cop some more property and a case of them guns
Sick society's got Guru protecting his fam
F**k Prudential, I got my own protection plan
Respect me man
I'm on a mission so to speak
You're too dumb to play your position so unique
I'll trey 8 your meat faggot vacate the streets
Gang Starr, First Fam, and TS, we way deep
And even if you had a thought to move on us
Our fire power will devour, b*t*h you'll chew on dust
Slow death, no breath, hollows have you gasping
You rich just for you, he got a lavish casket
Call us savage b*st*rds using all means necessary
It's only customary
It's you we got to bury
We'll dead your homo thug network
Head shots make your neck j*rk
My marksman on the roof, he's an expert

[Billy Danze]
Who got a problem
It's already been established
I'll come through your town with a pound like a savage
Still throwing down on the grounds that I'm average
Can I hear it for a gangster
It's always some sh*t but it's always a clip
To re-route your doubts and see what you about
Your homeboy's a snitch and your boss man's a b*t*h
We taking over these bricks
Doing underhanded sh*t, I'll shoot you in your abdomen
You fraud, you're moving like a broad with this faggot sh*t
And you deserve a hole
In the back of your motherf**king head the doctor can't fix
On the concrete, we palm heat like soldiers
Spit one in your whip and flip your sh*t over
Keep in mind whatever the nine spit
It's only as good as the n***a behind it b*t*h
We got guns