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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

"Does Your Head Stop"

Does your head stop when you go to bed
I know no one else that works as much as you work
I'd make time for you again
Maybe when you're back in love factor me into your plans

What are they?
I won't go there

It's depression, honestly
There is nothing I can do to not feel heavy
If I looked back I would see
The best parts of you I've been missing lately

It's depression and it takes over totally
I think that I'm a fake in mind and body

If we did talk, when would it be?
Right when you get home from work
Before you have to sleep
Conversation needs time to breathe

Heart that won't stop
Let me be
I know no one else that hurts as much as I hurt

In times of stress I panic because I don't want you to leave
I don't know what is real and so I question everything
My heart will not shut up
I say and honestly
I can't love you enough in mind and body

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