The Traveler
[Kool Keith]
The traveler

The traveler
The process of continuation to move

My time travel existence is a slight mission
Moving the courses
Changing the vision
Adjusting through the weather reactions
See the cerebrum, how fast I'm pa**ing
Every thought is a different action

Floating into magic
Another flow of mad men
It's like clouds, stable with the wind

[Chorus 3x]

I'm a travelling man
Moving through space and time most definitely
Since I was a little bush baby
Had to jump back and pinch myself
Timeless cuteness
Never had to convince myself
The good ship Dreamboat from the days of
Nuclear subs to the regular dragon steamboats
It's a whole nother kind of craft
Bend space like quantum physics
Simplified down to basic math
Not the basic cable path
I fly sorties to the forties
Build with the shorties
Don't let them see the ship, or they will say "Ooh, lordy"
Careful not to let any reporter record me
I'm on the case shining light on the truth like a bright idea
Disappear like I was never here
An icon amongst ions that have no fear
When I appear in your clear blue ionosphere
[Chorus 2x]

[Kool Keith]
Breaking it down to another groove

Syncopated formats
The process of the messenger
Ease into another zone
Like a walk through
A polygonic
Time traveler

Time traveler


Time traveler