[Verse 1: Homeboy Sandman]
Boy Sand runnin wit scissors
Spread peace and love to brothers an sisters
Maintain during heat waves an blizzards
Tell cats the deal with zeal and vigor
Whizkids, monks, magi, and wizards
More than enough, guts and gizzards
It is evident, props I deserve
Think the president is half lizard
Long way from the basement with Big Tigga
No Vietcong ever called me n***a
It’s not pop even though it’s popular
Ask unto God to stop my ticker
Ho, ho, ho, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah
School of hardknocks, head hall monitor
This boy not for Brandy or Monica
Stevie caught harm on the harmonica
I represent a brand new species
Run up on yo windshield wit brand new squeegies
Type a champ make you think I eat mad wheaties
Type of flow make you think I drink mad Fiji
I don’t know Mercedes from Mitsubishi
I don’t mess wit no girl dressed too shi-shi
Brands be on the tip but they is so cheesy
Staples button ish makes the ish looks easy
[Verse 2: J Live]
Come your highness, they await you
Pardon my slick talk, rap tourettes
Mind like a steel trap, open as a milk crate
Eloquent, elephant that neva forgets
Ever since my congress with cassettes
From the moment you sent it (senate) to my house of reps
I feel a buster get so upset
When I lay down the law on bills at the steps
Capital J, always been the constant, consonant
Consistent, concrete
Drop shit, like I’m incontinent
Hot shit on every continent
Good grief, my favorite compliment
Good tea, my only supplement
Appreciate all my properties
Nothing stoppin me when I up the rent
My cure for things that I can’t prevent
First I vent, then I circumvent
No need to throw softball underhand
This is Alice in Chains, live from wonderland
God damn, louder clap your hands!
To what he’s doin, on tempo jack
Steal the show then engage the low jack
I know it’s a trap car, I’ll bring it right back
[Verse 3: Kurious]
On the mantle, blowin out the candle
Drunk holy man, no sandals
See him as he wanders, everything he squanders
Recognized by old break dance graffiti bombers
Bag full of paint still dance in the rain
Way short on the credit, damn it’s a shame
Clown with a smile still enhancing the game
Laugh like a muhfucka, Back in the team
Be on the humane, met the light bearer
Caught a sensation like you standin' in the mirror
Still doesn’t get it could I write it any clearer
Get yo popcorn as the night gets nearer
And once the sun comes back
Claim in the day, you neva faked one jack
They push the panic button summin like a thumb tack
In fact they used to say that shit is dumb whack
Right off the coast you could feel it like a breeze
So brand new to put yo mind at ease
Worse than drugs, yeah stress is a disease
So far gone, never find me please
You mail the storm in, CCing the night
They boy’s way on when he rockin his mic
Homeboy Sandman, Kurious Carnage, clearing the way
Come on cease with the garbage