School’s In (Remix)
Yeah y'all
Yeah, yeah y'all
Check it out now (Take your seat, cla** is in session)
School's in
That's right
Get your pens ready
Go back to the drawing board

[Verse 1]
Who got the nerve ta write some sh*t that you can swerve ta
Over tracks so phat their nicknamed Big Bertha?
It's probably the kid that half your crews have never heard of
Whose mind travels further than pu**y, drugs, and murder
So when you play the role of the Timeless inserter
I’m sorry if you’re 85 and you would have preferred a
Album full of ignorance that places an experience
Before the reasons why for the sake of sounding fly
But I grade your style without the curve 'cause you don't deserve ta
Receive a grade that might let you build up the nerve ta
Bite the rhyme that feeds you and needs you to listen
My words are wet with crystal clear wisdom so they glisten
And I fill in the blanks for all the answers that you're missin'
I'm rollin' with a mongoose 'cause snakes are steady hissin'
To expose my flaws like salt in sores
Since they cannot be reformed I simply kill 'em by the fours
I'm the reason why this fluid is secretin' through your pores
And your spinal cord won't let your fingers press pause
My concepts lurk in the depths just like Jaws
A predator of carnivores terrorizin' herbivores
So in other words, naw, f**k the explanation
See that's what the rewind's for so be patient
'Cause this is the direction that my pen should be draggin'
To transform your dollar cabs into bandwagons
J-Live with a mic is like a chef with a blade
No doubt
Man I'll cut ya like lumber
{repeat x3}

[Verse 2]
You see somewhere in between the old school and the new school
A master of the next school came to teach the now school
'Cause business cla** was steady playin' old tricks on new fools
So everybody rocks jewels but can’t nobody drop jewels
One track minded, blinded, thinkin' only pop's cool
Supply and demand rules replaced by A&R rules
This scholar of the next school, he wasn't trying to hear that
So principals and teachers abroad began to fear that
If this guy makes an impact on the students that we played
He'll end up having way too much control over their grades
See grades will equal status for power so just like college
They're so caught up in letter grades you skip the f**kin' knowledge
See that's how music power shifts from listener to maker
And that's why music maker shifts from listener to faker
So when the listener graduates to be an artist
He's still controlled by the principals because they're heartless
See first they make you imitate another man's skill
Now you use your power for another man's will
Move the crowd's mental and they tell you sit still
Move the crowd's pockets instead to get the bread
That's what the students gathered from what the principal said
They make you think the world bleeds green instead of red
But cla** is in session now so all that sh*t is dead
We're comin' through with knowledge and wisdom to fill your head
J-Live with a mic is like a chef with a blade
No doubt
Man I'll cut ya like lumber
{repeat x3}

[Verse 3]
Wait a minute
What the f**k does choppin' trees have to do with culinary
That's the spirit, kid, a***yze the lyrics
From the moment that you hear it, see, 'cause most don't have the skill ta
Utilize their ear's function as a bullsh*t filter
So their brain gets clogged and congested by the time
And the effort that's invested in illusion
And by the time's definition of reality
By the time you get the facts they're outnumbered in confusion
So I come to get sh*t off my chest and up in ya
And I come to make you feel at home with your power
And I come to plant seeds of responsibility
'Cause I come harder than a sleeper's cold shower
Refinin' and refreshing, reprimanding those who say
They're representing by demanding clarity
'Cause when a mouthful don't equal an eyeful, an earful
Sounds awful, word, at least that's how it seems to me
So I lead by example in my soundproof room
And the comp gets trampled on my wack-proof stage
And my answers be ample in a packed cla**room
'Cause my thoughts are reflected on an ink-filled page
J-Live with a mic is like a chef with a blade
No doubt
Man I'll cut ya like lumber
{repeat x3}