Beyond the Sun
*Gospel Harmonizing*

[Verse 1: Deacon The Villain]
I arrive to blue skies and green rivers
Traveled the globe amazed how every scene differs
My esteem's on K2, I dream bigger
To Mother Earth I bow, like when a Queen enters
Life's so beautiful, it's musical I sing along
But it's inhabitants so quickly say I'm singing wrong (what?)
Well let's rehearse, I'll sing the hook you take the verse
Let's build a bridge, if you ain't feeling it then let's reverse
We'll make it work over time, with open mind
Hope is dying let's fix the broken so folk can shine
I want to help secure fortress, pass torches
Be boisterous about more than fast Porsches
And staying perched on porches, taking self portrait
After self portrait, you treat it like horse shit
Got all the beauty in this world and you ignore it
For you don't see the trees or the forest, you forfeit

[Hook: Kno]
We came from beyond the sun [x4]

[Verse 2: J-Live]
I arrived at the third rock from the star that you call a sun
And was greeted by the son of man, standing with the gun in hand
I come in peace, but I cracked up and laughed so hard
I almost fell to pieces, you seem to have a thesis
That you been onward and upward and evolving
Just as sure as your axis is revolving
As evidenced by your new technology
I think you owe your ancestors an apology
You've come so far only to forget
So much more than you know now, and I know how
You've been hitting reset on your history
Dividing and conquering yourself into mystery
It's no wonder why there's so much misery
And suffering, even as the gem of your system
The pretty little sapphire, refracting blue light
Digesting sunlight, sustaining true life
Used to be my favourite little tourist spot
I love the pyramids, now you wonder if I built 'em
A galactic pilgrim, soaking in the atmosphere
Nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here
We came from beyond the sun [x2]