Hang On Tight
Hang on tight for dear life; Dear life
I've seen a deer's life flash before its own eyes
Caught in the headlights; so vivid
I could see the fear in the eyes of his ticks and head lice
He was paralyzed, realized
They just wanted him to move so that they can survive
...That's why you gotta stay sucka-free
Cause when the buck stops, guess where the truck'll be
It's all relative but not all family
Too tight to use the term loosely
Too close for comfort, not close enough
To hybrid mileage of your frenemies
Hot damn, the double-edged sword of Damocles
Superman need a fortress of solitude
You think a +N***a+ rude..
...'til you run into a god +Wit a Attitude+

[Homeboy Sandman]
...Hang on tighter
Sands of the hourglass, like the red hourglass
On the back of Black Widow Spiders
Enchanted by the backside, backsliders
Pony up enough to cab drivers
Tell 'em why you mad, god, cause you gotta be damn near MacGyver
To make somethin out of nothing
Or good to keep a poker face, but I get tired of bluffin
No warmth for the coat worn
Cold war tidal rush...
...Try to take time out
And people cryin out, "That's nothing to cry about!"
..Yo, half the brothers that I gave pounds
Shoulda never give 'em one ounce
...If you don't know me by now
You ain't never gonna know me, I'm out
Hang on tight, by a thread, threadbear
Bare bones, bone dry dyin of thirst
Thirstin for a second to howl without drawin a scowl
Or someone thinkin that you're throwin a towel
Nah, I'm just holdin out for the bell
Holdin on for the break until the ref says break
I need a minute in the corner for the cuttin to swell
Then it's back into the fray to see how much I can take
..Hmm, can't forget to dish it out
Put the "sur" in survival
Best defense or good offense, defensive when offended
Cause who enjoys gettin up in it?
I wanna get up and end it..
Ten out of ten civilized when recommended
Swing through hell to come out right
When you're holdin that vine, you gotta hang on tight