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Jean Grae

"Looking Free"

I pray to you father gee
Oh engineer to take these clouds away
Keep asking for back taxes
I could do for brighter days
What you see is make believe
Sometimes I just sit and cry
When it comes to DNA life this is him and saving life
We celebrate big baby Jesus
On November 10 and 5
My last time they laid me off
Unemployment kept me high
I give thanks to marijuana from the streets of legalize
Since I trust in form a balance whether [?] trial
I could use a fucking hug or a fucking a good bye
Time ain’t never been on my side
Even though I’ve spent it all my life
Look at me look at me
Living fly living free
Doing anything I want
Getting nothing that I need
Look bro this ain’t fucking prison
This is peace look how the folks living
We got [?] by the boatloads and it’s free
Hope you ain’t planning to age old gracefully

Look at me looking free [x33]
Look at me

[Verse 2:]
Every day I wake up
Wonder why I’m waking up
Every fucking time I’m waking up
Ain’t no time debating bro
I made this bed with an understanding that everything’s safer
Neighbors are asking favors facing the choice of the reaper
Self disciplinarian no boss to plan
Ain’t nobody gonna care when you’re forgetting my name
I wish for hours and clocking and lunch and
Office parties
I wish for flowers and docking for punching late and tardy
I cry when I ride free fall
It’s got a start and ending
You disbelieve I'm free though
The worst of the job is pretending
Grass greener get your glass cleaner wash your house
Scheming and arena where there’s never ours
But look at me looking free
Easing down the road
Breathing now seeing amazing things wielding the globe
Look at me looking free looking free right

Look at me looking free [x8]

[Verse 2:]
When you are in a creative industry
And when you are taking it upon yourself to do your own work and do your own thing
That is a scary scary thought
People make the assumption that because I have a fun job
And because I get to go and meet these people that I must be happy
This is someone with a tattoo of my face on their arm
This is very strange and very surreal
But it did not really make me feel like I had any word
But there are so many things that people don’t talk about when they are in their jobs
They don’t talk about their amazing careers and they don’t put it on Facebook
How actually you can cry at night about how hard it is to take that passion
And turn that into a career when that passion is all you have in life
What happens when all of a sudden that passion has to pay your rent

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