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Jean Grae

"Hot Thing Remix"

[Intro: Talib Kweli and Jean Grae]
Blacksmith is just the beginning
Already said it, aww yeah
Yes, hey boy
Hi, my name’s Kweli
My name’s Jean
And I’m a Libra
I’m a Sag
And ladies, sometimes with all these words I still can’t express myself properly
Ne-Yo talk to ‘em man

[Refrain: Ne-Yo]
I wanna thank your Mommy your Daddy and them for doin’ what they did
Hot thing
They made it possible for a man to adore you
Make you why I live
You’re my hot thing
No, I’m not playin’ this is not a game
I’m not sayin’ I’m in love
But you’re a good place to begin love, in love

[Jean Grae]
Damn particular
Fans plan on stickin’ her
Jean clone a teams and a man’s dream
Caligula scenes
Car’s careen when the action’s vehicular
I mean when I leave lip smacks and ridiculous
I’m not 21; I’m a grown one
Do not rock at mock speed, we slow buns
Reload guns cock and spit for more fun
You know how I kick it Jeannie, freak it like no one
Tweak your emotions peak and you blow one
Leakin’ from three eye
Frequenting’ these thighs
Weak in the knees, knees high, lacy knee-highs racy e-mail replies
I keep guys fallin’ in love
Callin’ the club of Jean Grae’s X-Men
Yep, they still callin’ me up
You can flex man, ballin’ and such
It don’t impress, got more than enough
You know I already be tough to get wet


[Talib Kweli]
What you know about romance
Lovin’ the fact that you’re my lady plus you a fan
Let me grab you by the hand and show you who the man
We can turn the lights down low throw on the Luther Van’
This the big Luther
Need affection, let me get to it
This a situation I could get used to
I got you open; my ego ain’t the only thing that need strokin’
Get it right, I make you leak oceans
Imagine the places I’ll take you
Great balls of fire
Break down your great walls of China
I don’t wanna be there to smack it
I just wanna see the reaction
From the heat of the passion
They don’t call it make love faces
Make a list of your favorite places
And your favorite positions
Throw ‘em in a pot mix it up
Kick it up a notch, let me pick you up you’ll give it up


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