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Jean Grae

"Supa Luv"

[Intro: Jean Grae]
Supa Luv (Watcha say, watcha say now?)
Supa Luv (Supa Luv baby, Supa Luv baby)
Supa Luv (It's Supa Luv baby)
(Come on. 9th Wonder)

[Verse 1: Jean Grae]
Well you see
I was a skeptic, hesitant, even when he said
(She's the closest thing to an angel I've ever seen)
Uh huh, yeah right
I've heard that line before
It always carried some ill intent for sure
But then he said it some more
Pretend I've never been in love, I'm not getting sprung
But I could miss it—he could be the one
No one better and he could make me believe that
(She's a lady to the extreme)
About Jean, I'm 'bout to
Call my family, be like, "I met him mom! Wedding's on!"
Ready to party, but instead I'm calm
Surface, though, all fireworks, wired-up espresso
His expressiveness is in the presence of ever—let's go
Chill in the tropics drinking rum punch, One Love
Singing it over lunch, he got me, love guns out, dunny
My luck's been out, feel me?
It done run south, left me a ton of doubt
It's never fun getting the run-around (uh-uh)
Was never one to be wooed easy, I bruise easy
When dudes leave me I get boozed up, they don't trust me
He freaking speech, though, and I'm drinking ghost lager
A teensy-more-than-moderate feeling you both gotta
Feeling your clothes cause you're appealing and you're really close
Thinking of stashing you up in my pocket, being ghost
Check it, I'm long-legged—we could wreck my dorm mattress
You could be my new partner, heart, baby—my new fetish

[Hook: Jean Grae]
A Supa Luv for Jean
Could you be the Supa Luv for me?
I'm looking for the one in all my dreams
Could you be my
(Supa Luv) I need a
(Supa Luv) I want a
(Supa Luv) I gotta
(Supa Luv) Find him

[Verse 2: Jean Grae]
This one's different, though (Oh?)
Step to me dancing, hand in my back pants
And dance in the back, pantin'
Same line, way fine, he from the Cayman Islands
And my waistline he trace, fine and I flutter my eyelids—I'm
Drinking Patron shots—so much the floor shake
Loving every bit of him—he's sputtering the rhythm and
Buttering Grae's ego with the clean-cut pimp-lean
Strutter with the clip clean, gutter slang—"I think I love he!"
Picture us lovely playing games—he's hugging me
Staying engaged two weeks, eloping out the country
He's so special, not a stalk of potential in him
Y'all, did I mention he's a tall drink of water? Sinkin'
Into me mentally, intensely feeling him
Intentionally sipping Hennessy—let's leave the building
Then we can build more—he's so hot
He could father my children plus he told me I got
(I got a)

[Hook: Jean Grae]
A Supa Luv for Jean (Just for me, baby)
Could you be the Supa Luv for me? (That's what I'm looking for)
I'm looking for the one in all my dreams
Could you be my
(Supa Luv)
(Supa Luv)
(Supa Luv)
(Supa Luv)

[Verse 3: Jean Grae]
Hey, hey
What's your name and how you maintain, huh?
(Hmmm...) You don't say a word
I like you too—like to invite you to a party in my pants
Okay, that was just rude—let's dance (sorry)
For seven long hours, spottin' gems, droppin 'em back
Like I'm bleached on the block again, rock—holla! (Holla!)
Pop my collar. There was the brother with the drop Impala
The hot model—you could spot his pet piranha
Bet I was sweating; you know better—I'm swearing, your honor (I swear!)
I'd never let him get the better of me but the problem:
He's got those words that block my curves
Get my nerves boxed up 'til I'm impossibly slurred. I gotta
Stop before I vomit. And if the cops occurred
It would be drama. And, plus, my warrant's absurd
It's time to go home, go alone, chill, and relax
But wait, there's the first brother grilling me back

[Hook: Jean Grae]
A Supa Luv for Jean (Where's the Supa Luv for me? Baby, come on)
Could you be the Supa Luv for me? (And I'm going somewhere again today)
I'm looking for the one in all my dreams
Could you be my
(Supa Luv) I want a
(Supa Luv) I need a
(Supa Luv) I gotta find me [?] now
(Supa Luv) Come on

[Outro: Jean Grae]
A Supa Luv, a Supa Luv, it's just a Supa Luv—hey!
Will and Joe got a Supa Luv—hey!
[?] and Trina got a Supa Luv—hey!
I know some couples with a Supa Luv—hey!
I got a Supa Luv, I got a Supa Luv
I can't tell you 'bout my Supa Luv cause it's not that time of the album yet—keep listening, beotch!

Wednesday. Wednesday (What day is it, man?)
Yo, it's muthafuckin' Wednesday (Honey, what day is it?)
I said, "It's muthafuckin' Wednesday, homie!"

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