Coochie In Class

YN Jay

Ballin', I got all them broke n***as mad
Talkin', then killer gon' get on your ass
I had to run up a muhf**kin' bag
500,000, it's stuffed in the stash
Sippin' the lean while I'm drivin', I hope I don't crash
Run from the police, I don't got no tags
I hit the muhf**kin' gas, gas, gas
I get the paper like I'm in the class
I see the snakes in my grass, ayy
Gucci the shoes, might as well Gucci the mask, ayy
Gucci the socks, I might as well Gucci the bag, ayy
Got kicked out of college for gettin' some coochie in class, ayy

Got kicked out of college for f**kin' a groupie in class, damn
I'm Austin like Powers, when I'm in the groovе, he's back, damn
You got you a bag, don't know what to do with the bag, damn
Might go back to collegе, I'm rockin' the Louis in class, yeah
I'm rockin' VLONE, I'm rockin' the Gucci in class, yeah
I'm fiendin' for lean, I'm actin' like Pookie in class, damn
I feel like I'm Louie, when I'm in my Louis, it's bag,alright
I'm f**kin' with you–ahhhh
I'm f**kin' with Keisha, 'cause she got the juiciest ass, damn
I'm f**kin' with Tina, 'cause she got the goofiest laugh, ha
I got a projector, I'm watchin' a movie in class, damn
I sat in the back, I was gettin' some coochie in class, damn

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