Flipmode Squad
Just Chill
So tired, so sick
Of yo shit
Its ova
Everytime i turn around
U right ova mah shoulda(3times)

I can't live witchu all up in my grill
I dont undastandi wish that u could just chill

No matter what i do
Its neva good enuff fo u

I keep on tryin 2 please ya
But i dont need ya
If u goin be trippin
Everytime i see ya

Sick & tired of all the questions
Its gettin a bit much
Every button that i touch
Sets u offand then im fucked

Cuz no matter what i do or what i say
Im always wrong
If i call then im callin too much
Or not at all
Either way i'm messin up
I'm fightin a losin battle
The winners been determined
So im finna put down my paddle

Cuz im sick of alwayz playin this game
Its gettin old
Girl u know i ain't cheatin
U jus wanna be in control

But i can't be havin that
Cuz im a grinder and u know this
U need 2 jus chill
Consider this ur final notice

I got thangz to do
Deal wit it or girl im dunzo
If u trip over sum shit again
U goin be solo

My fundz low
So i gotta get back on my grind

No more givin in when u trippin
Im wastin time
U know i ain't finna do u wrong
Thats why im sayin chill
Wit me u always know the deal
Girl i always keep it real

Just got in the door
And there you was waiting
But not to greet me
Just to start with your interogating

Where I been?
I told ya, I was with my friend
Oh my god, here we go with this ish again

I ain't gotta prove myself
I been did that
I done got you everything you need
And then that

So I ain't answer my phone
And now u all mad at me
Think Im cheatin
When you see I got a low battery

Its like you feed on drama
And I dont need that
Always over my shoulda
So Ima leave that
You need to understand
N I dont think Im wrong
That Once n awhile
I need some myspace like

N Same goes for the fellas
You need to trust yo lady
Jus hold on loosely
Clingin too tight gonna drive her crazy

But I done found a good one
And damn she keep it real
You havin problems, talk about it
Tell em Just Chill