Flipmode Squad
This Is What Happens
Ayo Rah who dat n***a?
Rah Digga , Rampage
Yo man
The word on the street is Flipmode has arisen
True , aight
There's alotta player haters that's tryin na playa hate y'all
Fuck outta here , word up
Do you have something to say Rah Digga?
Motherfucking right , ayo Rah yo Rah yo Rah
Bitches write her own rhymes what n***as ain't fucking wit us
Rah , yo check it Rah
Cool like

[Rah Digga]
Talked about who rips it right
Always keep a crowd goin like a schoolyard fight
Always hold it down lovely when it's time to bulid
Been doin musical chairs like Levert, Sweat, and Gill
Who doubt me n***as on the internet shout me
Playin me close or leave your bitter house stout b
Pullin chips if it's a bet you want
I'll demolish you and your fuckin debutom boy
Talkin bout she rap now y'all n***as is sick
I'll be milky like ways or milky like wick or
Whatever type phrase rappers choose to model
I'll take it right from you then have my peoples rob you
Flunky , all the stations gon pump me
Street shit I show another face like humpty
N***as , that's my word is bon
We gon hit you with the heat like you motherfucking Spawn
CHORUS: Rampage and Rah Digga
This is what happens
When you fuck with my clique
This is what happens
When you bitin n***as shit
This is what happens
When you can't make a hit
This is what happens , this is what happens , this is what happens
When you fuckin wit my crew
This is what happens
What a n***a 'posed to do
This is what happens
We got street shit to
This is what happens , this is what happens

Nowadays MC's get kicked to the curb (curb)
Rampage I'ma spark y'all that's my word
Me and Digga we in the game that's superb (perb)
Gettin all the money and plaques on reserve (uh)
When I'm in Y.O. with Swizz and the Ruff Ryders (or)
I'm chillin in the Bricks with Zee and the Outsidaz (sidaz)
All you other cliques be frontin y'all dick riders (riders)
You damn right I got the whole enchiladas (ladas)
Drinkin iced teas plus , pina coladas (ladas)
My Flipmode n***as we be the Brooklyn Globetrotters (trotters)
Now I'm seein chips like Erik Estrada
Yo my favorite rap album was Tribe, Midnight Marauders (uh)
I'm takin you back like Afrikaa Bambattaa
I'm hittin you , hittin you with the force (force)
Catch me in the VIBE , Rap City , or The Source
Source , source , source

Rampage , I'm the biggest thing in life (life)
Don Juan , shut down your pentagon (gon)
Watch me get the millions , with my Flipmode affilions
Like Vodka , fuck up your liver watch I deliver (liver)
Your body decompose in the river
Pass through like cold breeze feel your body shiver (shiver)
Microphone killer, finga on the trigga , Ramp to Rah Digga

[Rah Digga]
Gotta stay focused can't lose the drive
Help my moms and my pops quit they nine to five
Get it now for the c case I don't survive
That's why (that's why) that's why (that's why)
I'ma take all the crap that be in this game
And don't think I'm a bitch or succumb to fame
If I'm puffin on lah don't remember your name
That's why (that's why) that's why (that's why)


This is what happens
Yeah it's gon happen , its gon happen (y'know what I'm sayin)
Rah Digga , Rah Digga
Rampage the lieutenant , what
DJ Scratch , Scratch baby , forever
Huh , spliff a spliff huh they can't touch us
Flipmode Squad can't touch us
We comin for your ass , comin for your ass