Field Mob
Field mob, i'm shawn J and him, that's boondoc
I represent the south, and that's the way i'm a keep it
If u got game then peep it, it's the southern way
I wouldn't have it no other way, so mutha f**k what the others say
Love it or leave
Yes it's hard but it's fair, gotta hustle to get it
Keep grindin and grindin, and soon u will get it, the struggle is in me, that's
How i had to live, that's why i'm actin like a n***a that ain't never had sh*t
Mashin the flo master to the floor, petal to the metal hear the dual pipes
Roar, wanna be a balla shot caller, twenty inch blades
Skinny benny tryin to get paid
We them country a** n***as from the bottom of the map, ridin heavy big bodies
And vogues
We drink cheap liquor smoke sticky sweet swishers and boy we love f**king them
Damn real i'm a country a** n***a, shawn show no shame
Bare-foot on your block selling rock cocaine
Georgia boy from the south spit when i talk
Smack when i eat, from the field pimp when i walk
Whoa, lil daddy he ain't even not ready
Field mob come ridin a stretch box chevy
Follow me now, i'm a take you where the good dope at call it b***er
Where the hood folks at, in the gutter
Stay low, keep movin nah you can't stop
Them boys infrared dot your du-rag and tanktop
That guerilla coke grown
Suburban word with more grams than a old folks home
Now this the way i slang d**k every which a way
Best get your b*t*h and pray she don't wanna get with J
But if i do mack your b*t*h
You just sh*t outta luck like leprechaun laxative
I get sick if i ain't home in the south u can hear it in my voice
Watch i get on the track and ride like a rolls royce
And lean in it, spit s