Field Mob
Area Code 229
[Intro][Shawn Jay]
Dougherty County mannnnnn

[Hook][Shawn Jay]
Whats yo area code (mine 229)
Whats yo area code (mine 229)
Whats yo area code (mine 229)
If I don't be in yo business n***a stay outta mine
Whats yo area code (mine 229)
Whats yo area code (mine 229)
Whats yo area code (mine 229)
First muh'f**ker run up I'm layin him down

[Shawn Jay]
I'm talkin bout these f**k n***as thought we just was gone!
(Naw) Fell off the motherf**kin map naw pu**y n***a (we back!)
Everybody wanna be country now... Don't get it f**ked up n***a
FBI Field Boys Incorporated we started this sh*t... Fleetwooood!

[Verse 1][Shawn Jay]
I'm well known from the mackin to the rappin to the packages of weight
Still stackin from the trappin cause I'm platinum wit the yay
Field Boys be on the corner wit them hundred gram boulders
It's a war against poverty
I'm a damn soldier
Pumpin sand gun in hand Shawn the man told ya
I stay on point like that Uncle Sam poster
I'm a younger Sam Sosa
Got hits galore more to come
I run the underground like I'm a damn gopher
Stay in the studio I play wit the groupie hoes
Face on my jewelry froze
Jacob in Cuban gold
Daytons on hoopties roll
Draped in the newest clothes
Gucci to Louis my crew be basically (movin O's)
Bump ya gums bout the M-O-B
You get cha choice "I.C.U." or "R.I.P."
I don't care whatcha thank
I don't care whatcha say
Leader of the New South (e-e-err) Shawn Jay


[Chevy P aka Smoke]
Chevy P n***a... DTP n***a... (FBI n***a) FBI n***a...
(Chevy P n***a) DTP n***a...
Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea!
Yea! Yea!
[Verse 2][Chevy P aka Smoke]
I'm on the block servin nicks and dimes
Movin more trees and lumberjacks around Christmastime
I got kryp
I got lime
I got that underwater grown dro
Sh*t mixin pine
Quarter halves and O's for the low
I bought the coupe supplyin chicks I am the mason layin bricks
Holla at me I got the keys Chevy P call me the locksmith
I set the Chevrolet Impellie on Latrell Sprees and Pirellis
Drop the belly chopped the ceiling block 450 cops can't catch me
I got my eyes on the black Range
Wit the fat frame
Cause its everythang my cla**ic ain't
Threw up my 'Lac cane
Some trendsetter...
Before we got popular
I was rockin rose gold when yall thought that it was copper
I'm the king (what)
The general (who)
The Dean (okay)
The boss (aight)
We the underlords over the whole gotdamn South
And I don't care who you is or what you claim to be
Leader of the New South (era-errr) Chevy P

(scratches of "Dougherty County"
And "my small city called Albany")