Field Mob
Where R U Going?
[Verse 1]
Ah..ah two times
Comin up, and I feel you and I done it up together
Crushed a qt time
And tha fun is up
Sun down, and the sun is up
Late at night night and day, you was up under me
Or I was up under ya (Punda ya)
When I'm on the cut I can come to ya
And when I bust, you suck it up like a pundaba
You kept a bundle a under ya
Gucci or a Coach bag
Whatever ya got ya gave Smoke had
Thats why its so sad...when ya say (ta take meee)
And I gotta disappoint cha
Its not I don't want cha
Its that I got thangs to do peeps to see
Expensive champagnes to drank, trees to chief
And drop mo hits than Tina T receive from Ike
And mo cla**ics than Rees
And Chevy Caprice
So please be sweet
And believe in me
And understand ya can't be with me
But ya ain't trying ta hear it cuz ya still screaming to me

Hook 2X
Are going
(Wh)Where are you going
(Ta)Take me...with you
Fore I die

[Verse 2]
Nah, nah, nah
Once there was this boy, this boy sixteen he had this girl
Loved her trusted her, boy would give girl the world
He was working at Burger King, sorry hated it
Man he wasn't that popular, sorry hated it
He ain't have no car..sttrrrike three
The boy dat got dumped was me
Wait time pa**ed, like quarterbacks I moved on
Start doin mo bigga and betta thangs
Like tippers my cheddar came
HEY what do ya know
I'm on TV now
Can't help but see me now
Even Muslims, vegetarians want meet me now
But anyway....One night in the club I was waayy in the back
You know...V.I.P
See I be
Like the midget locksmith...chillin
Listen..long story short bumped into my ex
Talked, walked her to the bar and back to the rooomm
We played doctor I played the part of the papsmear...
Diggin all up in her womb
Next morning she said (Where are you going?)
Uh um wa..well I..I had was gone kick it with Craig a..and 'nem
Gotta Go!! See Ya When I See Ya!!
Hook-Until End