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Ludwig van Beethoven

"Just Enough"

Just enough, not quite
But yes, you’re right
Next to us, you’re light (mmm)
After dusk, more life

(And we’re)
Indica indi cut in the cut
It is love, no knife (And we’re)
Picking up Picking up picking up (no line)
And it’s fine
Because it’s mine
(Just enough)

Just to go again just to go again
Just to go again just two go
Do you wanna bend do you wanna spend
Do you wanna live, what you want?
(Aye who?)
Do you understand baby I’m the man
And I got a plan (who?)
You ain’t know? (Aye who?)
Baby I ain’t gold say she wanna mold
How it go? (Aye chooo)

Panties hit the floor (and?)
I ain’t even dropped a band
What is that in his hands?
Planted here in the sand
Who was with me
Blow a grand
I ain’t never had more than ten
If she fine (Olay!)
For joy it’s okay
Make noise like AK’s
It’s still KKK’s
Koon Klutching My K’s
King sh*t
On my name
Tis dropping thy flames
I hop out like game!
And wabbits my fwames
(Just enough)

(Just enough)
And I’m back again like I dropped a twin
But it’s just a gem (you ain’t know?)
I ain’t understand, like 3 after 10
When you told me boy you know you cold
I was coming towards you, showed you I adored you, showed you that I didn’t even know
I cannot divorce it, no I had to force it
I ain’t never ran, nor fold
Told me be a man showed you that I can
Then you turned around and told me (woah!)
Talking bout a 6, when I had 3, so you had to go and make it (4!)

First things first I’ll eat your brains
Never leave a stain (woah!)
Ice cream paint job
And I, did it thorough
No I’m not Dorrough
Running out of work Issa no
Had to go and stock
Hit the store
All you had to say was give me more
Too much sh*t, you know you can’t ignore
Who was that, at my door
Please tell me, not a whore
Working, my chores, Thanking, My Lord
Still swinging my sword (On God)
Keep Flicking my rod
I see your air pods
Are mine even out?
Seeking or not, I’m missing my pots
My movement robot (I)
All the things I can deny
Let me open my eye
Can you show me how to fly
I can’t believe in die
Unless it comes wit tie

I cannot Tell a lie
Say that I exceeded
(Sometimes) l
I cannot believe it

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