I’m Fallin lyrics

IGIR Woodiee

Ayo Jerry
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Ayo Ran, turn that up
Oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, hmm, huh

[Verse 1]
Switch up to the road
I love you better when I'm lettin' it go
Moonwalkin', don't do no talkin'
I'm just snatchin' your soul
Too often get in my head and I start losin' control
I get addicted to the feelings, I know
I throw they dreams into the sea and let 'em sink to the flo'
Lose my mind, I can't find in the places I go
'Cause it get dark, I gotta heart, something I ain't say before
Just play your part until you start and then you put on a show
Get ready, set, just to blow
You lose your life for thinkin' twice or get to movin' too fast
Your first impression was the best, but b*t*h, don't make it your last
I'm flippin' chickens on a mission just to get you some cash
No intermission, better finish, better get you a bag
And I don't wanna let you go, can't help myself, can't catch my soul
And I need it
Oh, I need it (Oh yeah)
To save me (Huh)

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