Under the Stars

IGIR Woodiee

(Ayy Lan, wake up)
(Ayo Ran, turn that up)

Fall into your arms
Under the stars, I noticed the wind can't blow
I've been stuck in the dark, but I can't let you go

Feel like I'm rollin' in
Take a sip just to punch in and go again
Doin' dirt, but that's like I don't know a sin
Go to church for a month but won't go again
Say a prayer for better than this
Lately feel I've been losin' my gift
Go on to that I see they've been killin' my people
The end of the world is near, I feel it, it's here
Like what you expected?
I ain't get it as a kid when they used to tell me color of my skin a threat
I try hard to pretend like I ain't thinkin' if they kill again, I'm next
Or maybе my daddy or brother, you look on the news and thеy takin' another
My people load up, they ain't takin' another
It's already bad we ain't even get to walk across that stage (Uh)
They ain't even sit and think all the ones who had to watch on from a grave (Oh)
They don't give a f**k 'bout if my brother never see another day
Don't give a damn 'bout if he never make it out eleventh grade
It's hard to hear but safe to say it's just the price we had to pay
We upped the load to get a stu', let's burn this b*t*h down as we pray

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