I don't see a threat here, pull up with the big guns
And he talkin' hella sh*t but he not with us
Keep the motherf**kin' stick, suck my motherf**kin' d**k
Go cry like a b*t*h, I don't give a f**k
Thank you, I don't wanna hear it no more
You can clown me all you want but I'm still f**kin' scorin'
Keep a motherf**kin' rifle like I camp in the forest
You a b*t*h and you know it, keep f**kin' ignorin'
I was down bad that was yesterday
Don't talk sh*t to me with a smile on your f**kin' face
I'm explaining all this sh*t, that was yesterday
Contemplating if I want to or wait till Saturday
So what these b*t*hes want? I don't know, I can't identify
If I do it, I gotta make sure I do it right
That's a knife all in my chest, I'm screamin'
And I hate this life I live, I'm bleedin'
(Notlieu) Talk down, we ain't missin'
You was with your gang, they some f**kin' b*t*hes
Got a life but I don't wanna live it (Aw)
f**k that b*t*h, she don't know what I'm doing
Pull up with the sticks, on God
You go simp for a b*t*h, that a thot
Uh, one tap and then he gone
Try to start sh*t with me even though you're in the wrong
They don't wanna see me win, they don't want me here
I was doin' fine whenever now they don't want me near
It used to f**k with me so bad, gotta get over my fears
I get sad so many times that I cannot shed a tear
Lie to me, it's fine
I trust you in the start and you tellin' all these lies
I'm never gonna live for the very last time
[?] and you tell me I'll be fine
Keep that f**kin' Glock with a beam
Talk sh*t all you want but don't talk down to me
But I'm not on your team
It'll never be backwards, I'll never be free
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