​why would i lyrics


But I can't do that
I ain't listening to what you say to me
Put it all in the trash
I said "f**k that b*t*h, but please don't play with me"

[Verse 1]
I been waiting a long time
But they never gonna see it
b*t*h I don't wanna see her
Better be 'em then beat 'em
But I'm done with all that
Put a bullet in his back
He can cry like a b*t*h, or he can say what he means
I don't give a f**k bout that
That's a f**k you to you and all your b*t*h ass teams
Ion give a f**k 'bout what we had
I been doing what I want I don't care what it seems
Why the f**k would I be sad no more
About some b*t*h that doesn't care for me

[Verse 2]
Put a hole in his chest
Make 'em bleed like a hoe
Give a f**k about your check
b*t*h I don't even know
We gonna pull up where its at
We gonna let that sh*t go
And you're so f**king bad
I don't want to hear it from you
Get the f**k out of my DMS
I don't want to see your face on my feed no more
And they pressed 'cause I don't need them
Imma break the TV, until that sh*t no more

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