​asdfmovie2 lyrics


[TomSka & ???]
I baked you a pie
O'boy, what flavor?
Pie flavor.

[??? & Edd Gould]
I like singing
I like dancing
I like trains

[Cristopher Bingham & TomSka]
Hey, it says "gullible" on the ceiling
Oh, so it... Ah, you stole my lungs...

Die potato!
Not today

[Cristopher Bingham]
Haha, they said I could never teach a llama to drive
(screaming llama)
No, llama, no!
(faintly screaming llama)

[TomSka & ???]
Doctor, I think I might be a homosexual
How can you tell?

[Will Ryan (DAGames)]
What are you, a man or a mouse?

[Chloe Dungate & Edd Gould]
Hey kids, I brought you some cookies!
Cookies, cookies cookies!!..
I like trains

Desmond, The Moon Bear
How did I get here??
The end.

Hahaha, I can't read...

[TomSka & ???]
Kitten fight!
No, wait, I'm allergic to adorableness!

[TomSka & Edd Gould]
What are you up to son?
I like trains
Hahaha, yes you do...

Hey, you know who's gay? Yo...

[??? & TomSka]
I can't wait to eat this beagle
Yes you can.
Yeah, I guess you're right...


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