​asdfmovie4 lyrics


I'm gonna do an internet! Whoaaaw!
Well, I'm gonna do a book! Ah...

The Science Show!
Whos idea was this?!

This is a robbery!
*hangs up*


Hey kid! You can't skate here!
You can't tell me what to do... *boom*

I wanna' be a pie!
Billy, no!!

Nice hat!
I was being sarcastic
Well, I stole your face!

Honey, do you like my new shoes?
You are a chair, darling.
I can dream, Harold!

It worked, my time machine wor...
I am a stegosaurus!

Quick, shoot me in the face!

You're getting mugged kid
No, you're getting mugged!
Wha..?! How the hell does that even work?!

Hey son! Catch!
I'm gonna' catch it, I'm gonna catch it... *splat*

Banana fight!
*bang* No!

Alian attack!
Throw the cheese!

When I grow up, I wanna go to the moon!
Why wait?! *kick*

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