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Oooh, baby! I love ya, baby!
Stay away from my baby!
But mother, I love him.

Doctor, I'm afraid of backstories.
When did this all start?
Well, uhAHHHHHH!

Hey, what time is it?
It's muffin-time!
Actually, it's 12:30.
Somebody kill me!

Miss, you need to pay for your food!
Nope. *burger barf*

Oh, Timmy, don't cry.
Seriously Timmy, cut it out!
Timmy, this is the worst date EVER!

And now, a cow pretending to be a man.
Allan, are you a cow?
What? No!
Yah, me neither, yall wanna do some skateboardz?

My boyfriend said I'm the most beautiful girl in the world.
Hihi, my boyfriend said that too!
*stabs* There can be only one!

Oh no! Giant flying sheep!
...Those are clouds!

You're leavin' me?!
Sorry Eddie, I've met a real man.
Hi babe yes I am real man you wanna' go skateboardz?

You're adopted!
*sad dog*

You darn kids get off my property!

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
A mirror!
I am lonely...

Would you like to see a magic trick?

Ah, look at the little baby.
*baby giggles*
And now look at the big baby.

The orphans... They're all dead!
What kinda' man would do this?!

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I am a baby.

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