Roseanne (Simplified Mix) lyrics

Rosie Thomas

[Verse 1: Denison Witmer]
Roseanne, I still hear your voice
It echoes from suburbs outside of Detroit
We packed our guitars and our clothes
And carved your friend's minivan down the West Coast
We go

[Verse 2: Denison Witmer]
Birthdays and our friends' weddings
We missed them all just to play and to sing
But you can't be in every place
You learn to extend yourself a little grace

[Chorus: Denison Witmer]
Six weeks straight out on the road
Driving late after the shows
Sleep in places nobody knows
I would never trade the memory
But I would nevеr say it's easy

[Verse 3: Denison Witmer]
You called when your dad almost diеd
You moved back home and then you had a child
The way that you care for them both
Roseanne, I've been there, I know it's no joke
My life's the same as before
One eye on my family, one eye on the door
You know what I'm speaking of
The sacrifice we make for the ones that we love

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