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"Wheel of Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Common & Ray Wimley]
Yo, I'm never playing rookie
Went to the kitchen and I had to get a cookie
But they say, "Oh no, yo, you got a flow"
If you gettin' money, you got that cookie dough, ho
We need it, I know it's kinda hard when you goin' through them hot summer days and you feel defeated
I'm lookin' at my mama, she on the kitchen sink washin' dishes for them collard greens, y'all, this how we think

This is how we think, Com' sense gettin' under
See these hot girls, hot girls this summer?
And yo, I gotta wonder, I gotta wonder
Why that boy like that boy or that girl, Chrissi Summer

[Verse 2: Jimmy Fallon, Common & Ray Wimley]
Everytime I rap like a nerd
I go to my girlfriend, "Yo, what's your Wi-Fi password?"
Can I steal it, can I get it quick?
'Cause I gotta watch this show on Netflix
On Netflix, he watching
We ain't got the Ru' show, you know there's no stoppin'
They say, "That girl, yo, that girl look cold"
If we take a picture, we put it in portrait mode
And she know what happen, yo, she lookin' good
She understood she was coming from that hood
And I'll just stand, I got a whole plan
To the right is my man, his name is Ray

My name is Ray, man, I'm havin' fun all day
And I like the sound, it's like a marching band wild
Look, it's so nice, it's so tight, I'm looking at these lights
Man, I think this show is cool, let's have some fun tonight
So, what we doing?

[Verse 3: Common & Ray Wimley]
Havin' fun this night, keep showin'
Let's keep on flowin', this style is growin'
This is what we do when we freestyle
Right now we're going in Tonight Show's crowd
He got a pink shirt on
Wing shirt on, it's kinda pink
I see it, what I say and I say what I think
Yo, we gotta link, yo, we puttin' it in sync
When it comes to pink, you lookin' fresh, not extinct
Uh, she got the white shirt
How you doin' Mrs. White Shirt, she be on the front aisle
They coothin' as they like the freestyle
And I'm lookin' at her toenails, they white too
And it's lookin' nice, ooh
This is what we doin', havin' fun, as y'all clap as we walkin' up the stairs
Is why we just get to rappin'
How you doin', ma'am? She be cool and with the polo and she laughin'
And she got the cap, and she lookin' at me (Come on)

She lookin' at you, 'cause you sorta handsome
Com' sense, I took this style for ransom
It's like this, [?] I keep spillin' it
She wore them hats, bucket hats, we call them "Gilligans"
That's what when it happen, we was on an island
Now we on Jimmy Fallon and we freestylin'

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