The Click
Actin’ Bad
Touchdown from all angles...and what have you

Make like a tampon and soak up this game
While I teach you about my dictionary book of slang
I used to f**k with the triple, the coconut popsicles
Been tellin' time on the grind, but never got caught in the pickle
My doctor say I drank too much, cirrhosis
But I'm p*ssy drunk until my liver bust, guess I'm hopeless
Hope I don't miss my target (Hope I don't)
And tinkle all over the toilet

Money plus game, four keys and a Glock
A fat a** sack and I ran the block
If it wasn't my brand it wasn't on my corner
The only n***a plugged with the border brothers
Got that white b*t*h, tight sh*t, right fo' sho'
Hook me with a pot and some boil and watch me feed the snow
N***as know that when I'm tore that I be gone
And don't know what the f**k page I be on

Back in '86 was a motherf**kin' trip to me
A young hustler actin' bad on the city streets
And never givin' a f**k about nathin'
Who's that man that got jacked?
I put that fool on the pavement
Doing whatever it takes to get my grits
Stackin' large mail, tryin' to get my pockets thick
And f**kin' every b*t*h that I could
Fly vultures with those n***as actin' bad in my hood

N***as actin' bad (Ooh)
N***as actin' bad (Actin' bad)
N***as actin' bad (Real bad)
N***as actin' bad (N***as actin' bad)
N***as actin' bad (Real bad)
N***as actin' bad (Ooh, ooh)

I grew up listenin' to Too Short and Freddie B
It's some n***as out in Richmond, Magic Mike and Calvin T
Kind off UTFO, KRS
Blowfly and Rudy Ray Moore, girls and sex
I pulls up in my truck, be lookin' cleaner then Kaiser
Burnin' more rubber than a pu**y on fire
Now there you go, 40 flashin' like warden
Man, f**k a hoe, mayne, that b*t*h ain't important
I once heard a n***a say pimpin' was dead
But me and that n***a smoke dank to the head
We was choppin' up game just between us playas
The n***a tellin' me that he runnin' for mayor
With a campaign strong, got his money on
Flipped a brand new Jag when he wrapped his Brougham
It's going on, and motherf**kers do this
Catch me out there bad, actin' foolish

[Chorus with variations]

Look, actin' bad unorthodox behavement
Celebratin' breakin' bottles on the pavement
Put some Barbarians on ya squad that don't be joshin'
Flip a 1970 Cut and spoil it rotten
Every year we roll thick to the Gavin Convention
Handin' out ca**ettes, all we want is distributin'
Forced to sell tapes out the trunk of our vehicles
Thirty-day consignment sh-uh-sheets at Leopolds

Shows out of state on some concert dates
Plus ice skating on some chrome 1-8's
Motel flash 'cause the 'caine was hittin'
Seventeen G's 'cause the game was spittin'
Hangin' in the halls in my draws and sh*t
Groupie a** b*t*h on my balls and d**k
They make me sick with they broke a**
Now who y'all know that need that dope fast?
Now who's got my back?
Now that I'm f**kin' with keys, e'yday I gots to have my strap
Too many fools wants to take my place
But I'm a sharp a** n***a and I'ma damn sho' stack my bank
I flips and flops, buster a** n***as drop
Pop the Glock, drop my top, it don't stop
Penelope po-pos, they always try to question me
'Cause out there bad is where a young n***a be

[Chorus with variations to fade]