The Click
Learn About It
[Chorus: E-40]
Understand this sh*t n***a learn about it
Ay-thing a n***a spit need to know about it
Understand this sh*t n***a learn about it
Ay-thing a n***a spit n***a know about it
Soak it up boy, ya know, ya know
Ya know, ya know, ya know

Smebbin down the street in my 7-0
Bumpin the beat, sittin on gold tippy toes
Went to the track to buy me some hemp
Some old n***a yells out "40 you's a pimp"
I said "Playboy, understand my strategy
Got to know a little somethin' about dope game
Fall off into this category"
I'm from that real life sh*t, f**k Hannabera
I'm from the '84, eighty-fin era, b*t*h

I like to shake 'em up, rattle
Baby, got saddle
If a n***a had a sack, could I f**k with that?
Got to blowin' up her head with the chitter chatter
I'm out the roof of my coupe spittin game at her
I like to f**k and get up and get on
I'm eatin' steak on the bone
And steady stuffin' d**k in her dome
I'm on the phone in my hot tub
Gettin' my back rubbed on
About to fall deep in the zone
Let a n***a kick back and put ten to the ceiling
Got my face in the pillow 'cause I'm lovin the feelin
Ain't nothin like nuttin' in her jaw
So damn raw, nipples pokin' out the bra

Man, in the town I see
Undertakin', Captain Savin', cape crusadin', a P.H.'n
Playas in the game gettin' ratted on
A buh-uh b*t*hes in the game gettin' over on
Never tell a b*t*h all your business
'Cause one day she might be an eyewitness
These are the things that you need to know, man
This sh*t I'm spittin', n***as don't understand

Fools want to come up but ain't paid dues
Want to hang around a player lookin' for clues
Well, in my younger days I did dirt
Put in work, I used to buy ki's from Curt
And n***a don't think that I wasn't the man
Out there joogin doin' all that I can
But now in '95, I done flipped the script
Hopin' muthaf**kas understand this sh*t

We used to be local 'til we signed with Jive
40 an'nem done went nationwide
Who would ever thought that Earl (Earl)
On the pitchers mound with the curl (with the curl)
Would be one of the biggest things that ever came up out the V since Michael Cooper and ConFunkShun
Barely graduatin' Hogan High School, drunken
Hillside representative, sky's the limit, game's unlimited
Magazine Street pioneer, ex D-boy, ask my cousin Troy


[Outro: E-40 & B-Legit]
Man, 40 would you rain on me, man? Sprinkle me, man
Would you tie my shoes lace me up or somethin', man?
I need to be sprinkled man. Ay...
Understand this sh*t, n***a, know about it
Know about it
Kind of like when the drought about to hit you need to know about it
You gotta done lived this sh*t to know about it
Yeah, check game--a fool got at me the other day, right?
Sayin', "Ay B, how y'all n***as be comin' with that ol' wild sh*t?"
I said, 'Check game, playboy, I'm from the '84, eighty-fin era'
Eighty fin era...
'Where we done did that sh*t, know about that sh*t
Know about that sh*t
Spit that sh*t
And it don't quit
And it won't quit
And it won't stop
And it don't stop
F**k a hoe
F**k a b*t*h
F**k that hoe, mayne