The Click
Blowin’ Hot Air
[* Beep *]

[Answering Machine]
Good evening, at the tone
Pacific Standard Time will be 7:07

[The Click talking]
Ya know how us bosses step up, know what I mean
Ya do what we do and do what we do to get paid
We get paid, some quintessential, real a** n***as

Stack chips and make some money up
Ya know, I said r-realize the game
Stack chips and make some money up
I said r-realize the game
Stack chips and make some motherf**kin' money man
I s-said realize the game, mob hit n***a
Stack chips and make some motherf**kin' bank
I s-said realize the game

Look here, abominable, honorable
Countable, astronomical but monumental
I used sell and serve pops up out my auntie's Pinto
Still keepin' it ghetto, barbecuin' in the front yard
Slappin' bones, ton of n***as perkin'
Recitin' lyrics from my songs
Ain't nobody hurtin' we all workin'
Tryin' to have loot, in the studio
With hangovers tryin' to re-coop
I get down, ballin' like Kobe Bryant
You n***as is lousy, small things to a giant
How you gonna be swappin' up my style
And goin' off by a crack in my units
I'ma stick to the sh*t that made The Click
The super kind, I love to spit
That n***a 40 vicious, he got speech I heard him
Took his music out of the streets
Policy out on a small fee
Now to be clear, without equal
Both young and new MCs out for dinner
Crackin' ho a** n***as off something gravy
Especially when I get to doin' it by the way, hey
So that n***a told me, that's square
But why ya wanna get in on that sucker sauce B
I didn't ask you to get on this album
Cause he knew I'd f**k him off
Click sh*t makes the motherf**kin' money
I s-said realize the game (I said ya blowin' hot air)
Click sh*t makes the motherf**kin' money
I s-said realize the game (I said ya blowin' hot air)
Click sh*t makes the motherf**kin' money
I s-said realize the game (I said ya blowin' hot air)
Click sh*t makes the motherf**kin' money
I s-said realize the game (I said ya blowin' hot air)

[D Shot]
I couldn't hold myself back my n***as
I'm no longer in the background n***as
It's 2000 and I'm sh*ttin' on n***as
I'm callin' shots to the streets my n***a
So n***as, they run and hide under bosses
No longer in California cause it's too many crosses
You f**ked around and got a tip from a mad b*t*h
Cause you was next on the motherf**kin' hit list
You got ya ghetto pa** revoked cause you ain't real
If you didn't get to steppin' you was gettin' killed
Rapper, slash street hustler
They both the same, a buster is a buster
Ain't got no chance to revive yourself
Get that buster out ya soul and ask God for help
N***a, times is a wastin'
What the f**k ya gon' do, ain't nobody got no patience
N***a this ain't no fun, dat n***a (N***a)
N***a this'll have yo hat tacked n***a (N***a)
Lay ya head flat dat n***a (N***a)
Smashin' up the wrong way n***a (N***a)
N***as side to side, shoulder shoulder
Ain't never stepped foot outside without my bulldozer
Hops off in the Nova, we keeps it cheesy and real greasy
Like Church's with game for you to purchase
Keep b*t*h n***as nervous
N***a this Click sh*t, don't get it misconscrued
It's nothin' to catch yo b*t*h a** on a move
We don't lose, n***a we like them V's we batter and bruise
And leave ya a** leakin' sloppy for the ten o'clock news


[D Shot]
I'm off that Click sh*t, sick sh*t
Hog sh*t, mob sh*t
F**k with my family you get yo jaw split
Off the 2-11 still reserved, I'm on one
Strike a inner in a T-Bird, I blow one
We on that n***a sh*t, I can't believe it
Ya so damn n***arish, best believe it
A got some bad come holler at me
Ya hope to take the THC, hit ya for the half P

I'm slippery, see it's trickery to get with me
Claimin' victory, leavin' n***as hickory
Party history, things remain a mystery
Got the quick of me, n***as ain't sh*t to me
Swiftly ain't no ands buts or ifs with me
I'm sickery, state pen stickery
Ice pickerly, main vein literally
It's part of me, I'm hard on the arteries
Got the arch with me, f**k a n***a parking E
Cross this T, then send him out to sea
Where the bodies be deep and t**anicaly
Franticaly, some n***as panicky
I'm the sample G, I handle things savagely
Above average things, especially for the cabbage tree
N***as mad at me and really ain't around me
For your anatomy it's fully automatically

[E-40 talking]
And I said to myself
Ya know what pimpin'
Dude a lot of these n***as is tardy and they need a tutor
Due to the fact that a lot of these n***as
Wasn't brought up under the umbrella
Ya know, and a lot of these triple OG a** n***as
They ain't really been pa**in' the game down
Like we was laced and groomed on
Ya know what I mean back in the early 80s
Ya know what I mean, to these young n***as man
I mean I a***yze this sh*t n***a
I mean it is small things to a giant
The way I do these damn things man
I mean a lot of these n***as, hey you know what
I've been caught between a rock and a political hard place
On how to explain the game to these squares man
I mean these n***as is just a square
As my motherf**kin' back pockets man
I'm off this Colo Vasey, this is Click sh*t all day
On you b*t*h a** n***as