The Click
Hector Da Ho Protector
Ah is a, ah is a ain't (A ho protector)
What you gon' do let her take all ya bank (Break ya self, n***a, break ya self)
Ah is a, ah is a ain't (A ho protector)
You gon' just let her just take all yo bank (Hell naw)

Hey let me ask you somethin' brown skin, ten
With the back bumpin'
Tell me baby is you mack huntin'
So about mine the big guy dropped a line
Keep him off yo mind, I keep him off yo behind
Mail mind, I got walkin' for sale signs
High heels, switchin' hips givin' thrills
I ride drops, settled down by the cops
They respect a Hector, he's a ho protector

Up, up and away
Tryin' to impress that b*t*h
I said what's that n***a name (He's a ho protector man)
Talkin' about I stepped on his toes
Want to funk over hoes (It's pimpin' man)
N***a I'm worth thirty g's (It's pimpin' man)
N***a you b*t*h chose me
Uh, team full of track stars
Steppin' out of cars and limousines, capri jeans


See I'ma make her think I'm doin' it real big, real big
Get ya a** in my truck so we can cut
Pop on the digital deck with the surround sound
Her intentions is to break me down
At the age of two to seven I was raised by pimps
All I hung around was nathin' but w****s and tricks
What makes you think I'ma give you my cash
If anything b*t*h, you gon' give up the a**

I'm a high maintenance b*t*h, I keep my nails done
My hair done black with Donna Mae West
Valet and crustacean, take me on a vacation
Take me to the radio station, love dedication
Fairer go the best, got to put ya in check
Set up shop on ya set
Playas get on they knees, beggin' Suga please
I'm off the heezy that's for sheezy, easy
Hector come ho protect this breezy

Uh, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
Name ringin' known throughout the f**kin' town
Captain Save a Hoe ain't got sh*t on you
Ain't no tellin' what you Hectors might do
Might buy the ho some clothes, Dolce and Gabbana
Eat out at Benihana's, buy some pearls for her mama
Make that n***a spend his duckets
Have that n***a buy you a promise ring, Vera Wang, and Louis Viton luggage

Boitch, you a G-iotch, to the drill type
A guy friend and ain't even divin' in
Boy won't you spend a rack on lunch and dinner
And never hit her, but basically a babysitter
Feelin' better you will when you find out
The b*t*h dippin' in and out of ya bank account
Withdraws, breakin' P.I. laws
You never sweat her, Hector the Ho Protector