The Click
Let’s Side
[Verse 1: E-40]
Ball cap fittin' my head hella tight
Strikin' on a Friday night
I'm at the stoplight, [?]
Sidin' in my step side truck
Yeah, I pop it, but now the man'll never know
'Cause I don't drive that hot a** car everywhere I go
I ain't a busta though, I'm havin' money
I'm from the Bay, the Area, the O, the Rich and the V

Players at work, hittin' the streets like a tank
Checkin' the runners (right) about the bank
I ain't Hank (ah, you talkin' 'bout Big Hank?)
And I don't sell crank to get rich
I'm just sidin' on a b*t*h
Might burn a little rubber at a stop sign (to the right, to the left)
A little sideshow for my homies on the corner
That's fine though, but I gotta go
'Cause my mothaf**kin' pager's on the overflow
Smoke up the block and roll sideways
Made a left at the corner 'cause it was hoes at Kwik Ways
They was sprung on my Old's
And now, guess batches wanna f**k my Vogues

Now that's some serious sh*t, but on the fo' real though
Hoes see this type of sh*t and go Thriller
B*t*hes always tryin' to get a n***a for his meal ticket
They don't know that I'm sick wid it

[Chorus: E-40]
Let's side, let's side
Let's side, let's side

[Verse 2: B-Legit]
I'm rollin' solo, full of the indo
Lookin' for a ho, though
'Cause you know, you can't tell a n***a sh*t
When he got a hard d**k
And it's obvious E, I'm lookin' for a b*t*h see
I run the hoes like water
E slap the b*t*h just like he's her father
I'm up in their daughters
E-40, come with the sh*t a little harder

Tore-up-a** b*t*h, turnin' tricks
Snitch, get out my mothaf**kin' mix
You didn't want me when I really didn't have sh*t
What made you change your mind? My Camaro with the kit?
I figured, now I'm 'bout to slap you in the ear
Almost tripped 'cause I'm off this here beer
Don't try to kiss me with your d**k-smellin' breath ho
B, ain't she ancient though?
(Man that b*t*h is a freak show)
[Chorus: E-40]
Let's side, let's side
Let's side, let's side

[B-Legit & (E-40)]
Alright E check this out
(What's happenin'?)
You rollin' and sh*t right? Got hella illegal sh*t on you right?
(Uh huh)
And the police pull you over and try to play you like mad though
What the f**k you gonna do?

[Verse 3: E-40]
I'ma jet off like I'm runnin' from a pit
Hoppin' over barbed wire fences, puddles and the whole bit
Finna time to get lit, me and The Click
Drinkin' this wild sh*t, we can't quit
Slightly exhausted from my mothaf**kin' journey
If they would've caught me I would've called my attorney
Out the next minute with the hurry-up-ness
But yeah, I'm lookin' for the n***a that talked, he's a b*t*h
This is way too serious, just to let the sh*t go
We're on a mission for a n***a with a tore-up-a** afro

[Chorus: E-40]
Let's side, let's side
Let's side, let's side
[Verse 4: B-Legit]
We got juice, seen his a** at the phone booth
He was way outta pocket like he was funk proof
Raided his a** like a task, I had a mask
(The funk is on) I let my gat blast

Partner dropped the phone and had his b*t*h extra nervous
While he was full of lead, smokin' like a clitoris
No gat, he lacked, it was [?] to the back
Give me some dap, Jack, this ain't the average rap
His folks hella p*ssed 'cause we didn't miss
But now his brother's on our tip, 'cause he was next on the list
That goes to show you
Don't f**k with n***as that really and truly just can't be f**ked with
This is The Click, gettin' sick wid it