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Tommee Profitt

Sexy n***as
This is a song about sex
Having sex is fun

Yeah, I'm gonna f**k your master
I'm gonna throw an ass in your ass and gonna get a stick in it because I'm gonna get in
Your bike is trash, I'm gonna f**k your ass, yeah
n***a, pick up the scrap, yeah
I'm gonna be fast, yeah
I'm gonna f**k your closet, I'm gonna mess your PC up
I'm gonna f**k your d**k even while you're sitting on that old n***a d**k, yeah
Not like old d**ks are sh*t, nowadays it's white me
They better will c*m because white c*m is, yeah, my superpower
c*m is white so I was born white
Yeah, but you are born a n***a b*t*h, yeah, f**king motherf**kеr, yeah
Do you know who I am? I am DaBaby, yeah
DaBaby on baby, f**k a baby and get a nеw baby, yeah, n***a b*t*h
Yeah, I have more money than you, I have more n***as than you
I can f**k everyone I want and I'm not gonna get something
I can f**k your child, I can f**k a 5 year old child (yeah)
And I'm not gonna be pedo because I'm ghetto
I'm ghetto, there are no pedos
Everyone f**ks around because that's rules of ghetto, yeah
You pull up on my hood, I smash your mood through the f**king mood, yeah
Do you feel like a n***a d**k? You feel like a n***a d**k
You feel like you got n***as, but I got a n***a d**k, yeah
Stuffing the ass, stuff it in the ass
c*m is white because I keep c*mming on your d**k, yeah
Poop is brown because I can make it brown, yeah
Poop the crown, but your crown is not brown, oh, wait, it's brown, so it's poop
Do you want to take off your wheels? Do you want to take off your heels?
Do you want to smash yourself? Yeah
I'm gonna smash your head like, and you will dead, die like apple pie, yeah, n***a
I'm gonna shoot yourself, I'm gonna shoot myself, I'm gonna shoot everyone
I'm gonna shoot with c*m, I'm gonna shoot with c*m
My d**k is hard, it's gonna c*m
Yeah, Cyberpunk porn, wait, is that a thing? Yeah
n***a, n***a, n***a, n***a
I can say n***a as much as I want and you're not gonna pull the trigger because I am untouchable, yeah
I'm a bad n***a, you're a good n***a, so let's just make micro n***a

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