Purple Xanax lyrics


[Verse 1]
Gave her the special pill, turned her on like a light switch
Put me on, don't fight me, 'cause you know you won't win
Purple Xanax in my left, hit you with a combo in the right
I-I-I feel like Mike, hit the dike, finna fly high like a kite
That's just what it feels like
Turned up in the stu', all my diamonds blue, ayy, ayy
If you wanna fight, then it's on sight
I don't need a sub, fight for myself
If I ever needed help, I wouldn't be myself
This is every life in a nutshell
Hit her from behind, copped a new belt, (which is why)
You don't need help, do it yourself, (DIY)
Without thеse stomach acids, it would eat itself
Hе had a seizure off the juice, so I got him help
Future me is blue, right now I'm red
They'd want me dead, so I left
Had to fend for myself, I was all alone
Whenever I was home alone, I never had much fun
As messed up as it seems, I was pretty much fine
No one really asked what was going on
In my brain, there they were
Looking for prey, and they found her

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