Conway Twitty

"Steady as She Goes"

I thought she'd never sail away
I thought her love was here to stay
I thought my arms were her safe harbor
But today a storm came up
And I'm about to lose her love
Leavin' me in troubled water
When she's gone I'll break apart
But 'til then I'll tell my heart

Steady as she goes
It's a hurtin' wind that blows
You're sinking like a stone
But heart keep holdin' on
Steady as she goes

Heart don't let her know
Don't let your feelins' show
'Til she's completеly gone
Steady as she goеs

While she sails to someone else
I'll just keep it to myself
That I'd give anything to keep her
I can't change the changin' tide
I can't change her changin' mind
And tears just make the ocean deeper
'Til she's forever out of sight
I'll tell my heart to hold on tight
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