Conway Twitty

"Riverboat Gamblers"

Like a pair of riverboat gambler
We both seen our share of losing hands
We laid our hearts out on the table
Hoping love is strong enough to win
But when love's been dealing off the bottom
You always want to cut the cards again
And girl, unless you're only bluffing
This time we're both cashing in

Like a pair of riverboat gamblers
Playin' the odds that love is coming in
You're the queen of hearts I'm countin' on
The one this Joker's money is on to win
I've got a solitary feeling
I'll never have to ante up again
If a couple of riverboat gamblers get lucky
We just might win a hand

Once you've lost your heart to cheaters
Your dreams of winning love begin to die
When you wake up with a stranger
You know there's no diamonds in the sky
So girl, let's put our hands together
We ain't got nothin' left to lose
Except the chance that we might make it
And that's a deal we can't refuse
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