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J Dilla

"Within & Without"

It's the clique claiming switch lane-ning
They know me up in them sheets man im chick taking
But I dnt gang bang like dem bruddas that gang bang
I make money off a racket my n*gga it's grand slam
Tryna keep it legal feed all of my people
I pray for some strength coz they tryna make me feeble
But God's got me they cannot stop me
Not c*cky punches tuff enuff to knock rocky
So tell da world and tell da block
Fed want my hands up like it's 12 o'clock
They ain't wanna see this kid reign but they gonna see this son shine coz im gonna nail da shot
Yo I just wanna to make the trappers listen
Coz i dnt wanna see my n*ggas back in prison
I said darg if u wanna quarter and an eighth u might aswell beome a mathematician

Remember when I said girl im stuck in my path
I'll tell u to close your eyes while I unbutton your heart
U see this rap sh*t it's my life line
So I never tell lies coz that currency can only buy time
But im not for exposing they all know the kid is chosen
God can u fix what won't admit that it's broken
Thats a line for the one
Who's always at my neck like it's the time of the month
So i'll write till i'm numb
Still I pray u feel this and support me
Coz being broke is something I can't afford b
I've been sippin on juice when im saucy
I'll prolly die becoz of love like cobain (kurt cobain.. courtney love...)
U got the keys to my heart
Da line to my phone
Up late in new cross gettin high when ur low
Bike rides with ur woes
And i ain't gotta say ur name coz baby girl if uno then uno

Some might call me a lyricist but im a hypocrite
Coz I be asking a girl why she insecure
I prolly say somethin to change her mind
But dnt believe in sh*t i say anymore
Coz I get anxiety too
I feel insecure like u
So I use money to hide my pain but if we're being real man im poor like you
I'll tell a girl she should leave her man for me
Knowing that ima do her wrong
Mr right will just pipe prolly twice and go n write a song

Far from perfect so tell me if im worth it
I said im far from perfect dont be fooled by what u see on the surface

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