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J Dilla


Alright, check one um
Coming straight to the mind umm straight to the mind, yeah
Hm hmm hm
We comin' straight to the mind
f*ck a crime I meditate and levitate the grind
Hale a breath, take a little step and sharpen it on time
If you feel this rip it, it'll be fine
Brothers got the shine but the same flow, the same post
Coast to coast with a raincoat, its overdosed
And to be real I just couldn't feel the rainbow
Moving with my lovers while I'm watching all the blames fold
Cold its getting old
Trouble if I diss em, trust me you'd be better if you listened
Money for the drugs, f*ck a friend for the powder that they sniffin'
Used to call them b*tches but they kissing
f*cked up in the vision
Uh, so keep it one for the peace, im tippin' cuz I'm sunken underneath
Is it greed ?
I'ma lay up on my steady jacks, crumbled with my needs
So talk about the things that I release

f*cking talk about it x2

'Cause ain't no rise with no sunset
She was the one who was closer to my self stress
Finna be caressed, she the fun flesh
But she was lovers with this other {?} ends it with a front text

Rest in beats Dilla

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