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J Dilla


This is what they wanted from a young man
Yeah they wanted bars, they wanted “woke”, they wanted slow jams
I want you to listen to the victim when the gun jams
I want you to rage against the system killing broke man

Settle down and file in line you knows the ropes fam
Wonder what would happen if you give a n***a hope and
Didn’t lace the streets with bad police, weapons, and dope
And I wonder if people realize the Bible’s just some notes
Causing problems in the sand and there’s missiles and there’s warheads
Children running round with bomb vests cause of grown men
And all because a couple hundred couldn’t be their own men
This how we livin

Denying real life issues just to please the ones who hidden
Religion guiding freedom and we wonder why we still in deep sh*t, we don’t float
Of course the earth ain’t cooking whatchu mean it wasn’t crammed inside a boat
Don’t think there is life in space but of course hell is deep below, where else would the sinners go?
My fathers fathers dad told him so and that’s how I know, what faith you even follow?

This is what they wanted from a young man
I just want some peace among the streets just want my homeland
I know y’all know that Jesus was a brown man
Born in the sand and he pale? How do you sound man

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