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Young Dolph


Young Dolph (Verse):

Hunnits All In My Pocket. Choppas All In My Closet, The New Coupe I Just Copied. When The Top Going, I Just Drop It. Spent 60 Bandz on Watches. The Hater Just See Me Watching. My n*ggas Just Screaming and Plotting. Got Your b*tch In My Hotel Lobby. I’m Smoking Weed, She on Molly. Then I Buy Her For It And She Will Probably. Her and Her Friend Gave Me Sloppy. Be a Dope Boy Is My Only Option. All These Cough Syurp Got Me Notches Moving All These Pounds Got Me Exhausted. Nah, I Don’t f*ck With Fake n*ggas. Got a Team Full of Shooters and Bosses. Bosses and Shooters. Young n*ggas Losers. My n*gga Talk Ruggers. We Slam And Peas Around These b*tch Like Lex Luger. Got Peas and Strong, and Bails and Reggie. Getting It Own and My Trap House Sweating, Move That Work. I Do The Work Perfection

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