Darkness (Remix) lyrics

Young Dolph

[Intro: Project Pat]
Now can't a n***a see I ain't got no time for games
I'm on this Hennessey and I'm quick to shoot dat thang
But f**k dat one of my young n***as'll take tha charge
I'm stackin loot muthaf**k lookin behind some bars

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Juicy J the G.O.A.T. (G.O.A.T.), my joint long as a rope (Rope)
Lil' mama roll it, lick it, light it, I want all the smoke (Smoke)
I don't want relations, baby, I just wanna poke (Poke)
Know all them n***as money funny, I can't take a joke (Haha)
What's that in my cup? Hol' up, what's that in your chain? (Chain)
Boy, your diamonds cloudy, it's a heavy chance of rain (Damn)
Bro, stay in your lane (Lane), we don't ball the same (Mmm)
Quarter million dollar watch, I left it plain jane (Jane)
b*t*h, don't act saditty, you with the big ol' titties (Titties)
You got a million followers but drive a Honda Civic (Oop)
n***a ain't playin' with me, they already know what's up
Likе a U-Haul truck, b*t*h, I'm always loaded up (Yeah)

[Hook: Project Pat]
Out slangin brickas tha project n***a row-a
A playa that's fa show-a I'm chargin a ho-a
You wеak n***as know-a you step and I fire
Yo life will expire you need to retire
Yo b*t*h call me sire she flat like a tire
Shot nut in her eye-a on that I don't lie-a
Tha fact of tha matter she blow out tha frizzame
I keep me some powder so I'm gettin brizzain

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