Greyson Chance


[Verse 1]
I'll be your pretty sun baby with Marlboro breath
You be my daisy duke James Dean suit vest
I think you broke into my liquor cabinet stole my rum
I think you’re telling me you're ready to have some fun
I'll be your tall lanky baby with a southern drawl
I’ll be your sunshine if you let me be the name you call
There's a reason why you left your ex at that church
Keep on praying for forgiveness, that'll never never work
That'll never work

And I just wanna fly with you to the sun
Drive a little dirty on the 101
Hands on my body, make me feel over-
El Dorado summer and the wind is hot
Get a little wild give you what you want
Hands on my body
Make me feel over-

[Verse 2]
I'll be your pretty rockstar dance with you all night
You'll be my acid wash king denim fit real tight
Life's a little too short to not do what you want
I think you telling me your ready to have some fun
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