Stay Sane Freestyle lyrics

Ocean Wisdom

Yo, sc*mbag that trump
Prey shower and blood
Lead the way, untold damage done, until that’s undone
People pray, cadence, one, three, empty space
I found my fun, these five little thumbs brought me this wage
Come, come
We peacefully wade, knee deep in hate, yeah
How long? Before this blade might half his weight, yeah
Fun fun, my people bleed, elation meets his gaze, yeah
Run run, as far away as your feet can take
Peace and rage, a war bеtween belief and hate
A chord plays for my Gs in gravеs, I pour away all my grief and pain, in jest
But it’s never in jest these days, inches, an inch away from falling asleep, and not waking up again
Concrete you meet, you met the concrete that day
And I can do it on beat, all I saw was zombies on the streets today
Is it weed or me? That’s roaming the streets again?
Tryna find my feet, on a policeman’s face
My interpretation was their trepidations
Got em in a situation and it was blatant
I didn’t wanna face em or put em in the pavement
I knew they was afraid so I didn’t wanna chase em
I did it coh I had to, suckery a vacuum
Anyway, I don’t know why I worry about a wasteman
More time it’s a volley they’re facing
Wayne Rooney’d man in the jaw bone
One quick pray he ain't dead on the walk home
Wondering “Where did my innocent thoughts go?"
I hear what Marseille but still get Bordeaux
I go on classy but not too classy
Eh what the raatid, they got too clarty
And now he in the dots coh he got too na'ghty
And me and him used to just watch Toonami, ooh
That’s a Vegeta and Goku in the Frieza Saga there wasn’t no Buu
Them times we was more young and more noble
Then we got swayed by watchers in no brew
Remember I told you I’d be global and be a mogul and so far from my vocal
Too many raves in love with the coco and now when you get an offer, you get lowballed
Professional my ting effortless, elegant, specialist, time and evidence
Look at the element I’m in, steadily rhyming, fill you in, f**ked you’re celibate
Oi bring in some violins, we can get dark and rap about violence
I’ve been in parts with slashers on islands, I’m in the dark don’t aggravate my ting
Read all the small print fore you just dive in, it’s not an endorsement or a cosigning
If you’re a product instead of a client, sounds like slavery inspired it
Invisible chains and wires, weights and losses
Real life backward, noughts and crosses
Real life Spacey's, horrible bosses
Ever the student, forever just pepperin true
They was barely a nuisance, we didn’t see them on the news
Heavily gruesome, no telling what brothers will do
It’s a home intrusion, but it feels like they let us through
Paranoid thoughts, who’s finessing who?
Some men is caught, and regular weather resumes
Life is restored, better, renewed
A glitch in the stars, forever removed

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