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Trap-A-Holics mixtapes
(Stacks, you go crazy)
Trap-A-Holics mixtapes

[Verse 1: Since99]
Okay, I'm sippin' on drop, it go straight to my kidney
Servin' that white, we got Britney and Whitney
Motherf**ker dumb, think I need me a fifty
Ain't f**kin' with ho's, I ain't showin' pity
We stackin' up pros, probably in your city
Got a plug in Miami, Kelly Olynyk
I'm taking private flights and you at a picnic

[Verse 2: BasedNas]
Got fired from your job 'cause you was a nimwit
Talkin' sh*t? What you say, huh? What? Get it out
Bro passed me the work and he told me to flip this
Addicted to blues, you'd think I was on Crip sh*t
Ice on me, SSX Tricky
Run it up, twenty-two, think I need me a blicky

[Interlude: Since99]
What is that? Okay

[Verse 3: Since99]
Foreman shooter up in Salt Lake City
Benz truck sittin' like an F150
I blew her back out, why is everything chrome?
Tryna get a QP so you took out a loan
My side b*t*h keep callin' me all on her phone
Send him on top now he flyin' with drones
b*t*h, I stay with the sh*ts like I came in with chromes
And the way that I'm smooth, that sh*t is unknown
Have a feature from me, then I'm talkin' exquisite
Need a pint of the Wock, to the Doc I'ma visit
Ain't study for sh*t, so I'm pullin' up Quizlet
Blew twenty bands, so I bust down the Fitbit
Smokin' El Hefe when she's in the funnel
I need my two bands, Mitch McConnell
Ain't f**kin' with clown ho's, is you Ronald?
X pill and lemonade up in my bottle
I took her out Fendi and put her in Reboks
Just called my phone so now he getting reroute
Brody flippin' them birds, he servin' that peac*ck
No beats in my email, so I'm 'bout to beatbox

(Stacks, you go crazy)

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